CampingMate is a new app from Parks and Wildlife Service, Western Australia that lets you create and share camping checklists.

Create and share detailed checklist's for your next camping adventure. CampingMate lets you create tailored camping checklists for different types of camping that you can share with your friends to make sure you have packed all the gear you need. This app makes it easy by providing detailed lists of all the things you need to consider or take with you when you go camping. Camping mate also lets you add new items or delete items from checklists so you can customise lists to your liking. You can also copy your custom checklist’s to start a new list.

CampingMate is packed with information about camping in Western Australia such as where to camp, when to camp, types of camping and staying safe. It also directs you to other sources of information to help make your next camping adventure even better.

CampingMate is available for IOS and Android.

You can download it free right here.

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