Lonely Planet has recently released a book on 1000 Ultimate Adventures, which brings together activities and challenges to captivate and inspire gung-ho adventurers and armchair travellers alike.

Seven Western Australian adventures have made this exclusive list and five of those can be found in DPaW parks.

  1. Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree

The Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree is the tallest of three fire lookout trees that are open to the public in the Pemberton area. It is in the Warren National Park, approximately 15 kilometres south west of Pemberton.

It was pegged in 1988 as part of Australia’s bicentennial celebrations. Climbing this tree is not for the faint-hearted. However, those who do venture up the 165 pegs to the top will be rewarded with 360-degree views of the karri forest and glimpses of the Yeagarup Dunes and coast beyond.

The Lonely Planet has described this climb one of the world’s “most vertiginous adventures”.

 2.    Gibb River Road

The Gibb River Road is seen as one of the most hair-raising road trips.

 “Cattle stations as big as countries, crocs basking by the billabongs, indigenous communities dotted amid the bush, bone- rattling dirt roads that eat tyres for breakfast - the Gibb River Road is Australian outback at its most raw and classic," it says. "There are river crossings to negotiate and road trains to avoid.

"But there are also secluded gorges for cooling dips, 'roos and wallabies for roadside companions and welcoming ranches offering much-needed fuel, beds and ice-cold beers."

The King Leopold Ranges skirt along the Gibb River Road. The park contains some of the Kimberley’s isolated patches of remnant rainforest, the King Leopold Ranges extend for some 300 kilometres from Walcott Inlet to Margaret River, about 100 kilometres west of Halls Creek.

The ridges of the King Leopold Ranges rise to 300 metres above the surrounding plains (950 metres above sea level). Open savannah woodlands cover the sunburnt landscapes. Groves of river gum, stately paperbark trees and dense thickets of screw pine shade watercourses. Water lilies and other aquatic plants fill permanent pools in the creeks and rivers, providing cool relief from the starkness of the harsh escarpments.

3.    Ningaloo Marine Park

Ningaloo Marine Park stands out as one of the best marine encounters. Whales, dolphins, dugongs, manta rays, huge cod , turtles and whale sharks are abundant at World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef, the largest fringing coral reef in Australia and the only large reef in the world found so close to a continental land mass, making it an easy snorkel from shore.

Visitors to the park can dive, canoe, swim, snorkel, surf and fish in this marine wonderland.

4.    Munda Biddi Trail

Lonely Planet say that the 1000km Munda Biddi Trail is an “epic ride”  The trail extends from Mundaring on the eastern outskirts of Perth to Albany in the South West of the state.

The Munda Biddi Trail offers something for riders right across the range of skills, fitness and experience. From an easy pedal and gentle gradient of a traffic-free former forestry railway corridors, to steep zig-zagging switchbacks.. The Munda Biddi Trail takes you through spectacular landscapes of towering trees, open vistas across hill tops, paddocks, rivers and the Southern Ocean. Your journey can be a couple of hours to a couple of weeks or more.

Our community partner,the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation will help you plan your ride. They supply maps of the trail, coordinate a volunteer maintenance program and, like a number of other licensed tour operators, offer guided rides. Support the Trail and ensure its long-term future by joining the Foundation as a member or volunteer!

5. Best Birding Adventures

The Noisy Scub bird was presumed extinct until a population was discovered at Two Peoples Bay, East of Albany in Western Australia in the 1960s. Since then a recovery plan has been put into action. Populations of the bird have been translocated to nearby Waychinicup National Park, Bald Island as well as the Porongorup Ranges..  The Noisy scrub birds are also one of Australia's rarest birds. Listen here to a local ABC radio story to find out more about the noisy scrub bird. 

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These five highlights are only some of the adventures that you can experience in National Parks. Use our Park Finder and search by activity to for more great adventures in Western Austalia.