More camping opportunities to be created in National Parks

An election promise to make low-cost holidays more accessible to West Australians in WA’s national parks and in better facilities for caravanners and campers, has been fulfilled by a $40.7million commitment to tourism and the environment in this year’s State Budget.

Over the next four years $34.4million in Royalties for Regions funding will go to the Caravan and Camping Action Plan ($14.7 million of which is specifically earmarked for initiatives to improve camping facilities in national parks – with an additional $6.3million allocated to the “Parks for People” initiative).

This funding recognises the role of National parks as the destination of choice for high quality camping and outdoor experiences. The primary focus for DPaW of the Caravan and Camping Action Plan will be for more high-quality, affordable campsites in national parks throughout the South West and Mid West.

Projects under the Parks for People scheme will include lookouts, boardwalks, walk trails, camp kitchens, picnic tables and other facilities. A timetable for the projects is currently being developed, however some of the key capital works to start in national parks this year include:

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