Good things come in trees and Western Australia’s national parks have lots of them – almost 18 million hectares of beautiful forests and woodlands across the State.

There are huge jarrah and karri in the south-west, remnant areas of rainforest in the Kimberley and the Great Western Woodlands south east of Perth.

There are so many things to do in these beautiful forests of trees. You can go camping, bush walking and have a picnic but did you know, you can climb and swing from the branches in some of them too? 

We’ve put together a few of WA’s more adventurous tree experiences.    

Trees Adventure

Get high up in the tree canopy and swing, leap, climb and fly through the forest.

There are two Trees Adventure experiences - Lane Poole Reserve and Yanchep National Park. Both are close enough to visit on a day trip from Perth or you can book a campsite and stay overnight.

The courses are challenging, exciting and perfect for the whole family. 

Forest Adventures

Take fun to the highest level and hang around in the trees of the beautiful Tuart Forest National Park in the South West. Climb ladders, balance on the suspended bridges and jump on flying foxes with some that will have you flying over 150 meters!

The entire family can join in the fun at Forest Adventures with courses for every level of adrenaline and fitness. 

Tree Top Walk

Head to the Southern Forests of WA and get high in nature in the spectacular tingle forest canopy 40 metres above the ground.

The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk takes you high up into the trees and is suitable for children of all ages, wheelchairs and strollers.

The Tree Top Walk links to the Ancient Empire trail on the forest floor that meanders past 400-year-old red tingle trees.

Climbing trees

Between 1937 and 1952, eight tall and strong trees were selected as fire lookouts for the south-west. Foresters could use these trees to scan the landscape for the first signs of fire.

Today, two of those trees are still there for the enjoyment of visitors. If you dare, you can climb them to the top!

Gloucester Tree

This spectacular tree has retired from its fire lookout duties but is a fantastic climb.

It is 53m up to the lookout with incredible views over the surrounding forest and farmland.

Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree

This is the tallest of the three fire lookout trees and is not for the fainthearted.

There are 165 pegs that will take you to the top – 65m above the ground! If you reach it, you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the karri forest, Yeargarup Dunes and the coast.

So why not treeat yourself and visit one of WA’s beautiful and adventurous trees!

Image credit - Tourism Western Australia, Trees Adventure, Forest Adventures, A. Smith, D.B.C.A. and Instagram @fii.ooh.nah

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