To assist walkers with transport where there is no public bus service, the Foundation is running a bus service in conjunction with the Balingup Adventure weekend from Donnelly River village (DRV) to Balingup.

The bus will depart sharply at the time specified – please be there 10 minutes early.

The services allow people to walk from Pemberton to DRV or Balingup to DRV and then be transported to Balingup where there is a TransWA bus service. Walkers can also drive to DRV, leave their car there and be transported to Balingup to begin their walk back to DRV. 

Additional booking conditions

Bookings are essential, non-refundable and places are strictly limited. If walkers are not present at the time of departure, their fare will be forfeited and no responsibility will be accepted or recompense payable for any other arrangements the walkers must make to reach their destination.

Booking essential