Applying for credit facilities

Operators who wish to use credit facilities for the payment of entry and other fees must complete a Credit Charge Approval Form and will be required to meet the following criteria:

  1. Demonstration that the account will be active to the extent of at least $500 per month (allowing for seasonality) as determined by the Coordinator, Tourism and Concessions Branch

  2. Demonstration of a good credit record (history with the Department or other referees)

  3. If unable to meet criterion one, then provide a Bank Guarantee to an amount commensurate with the tour operator’s credit requirements

  4. If a company, provision of Director's Guarantee Form.

Operators who are not granted credit facilities, payment options include online payments through the Commercial operator Online Licensing System, cash, cheque or credit card. Operators must submit an online payment or one of the Department’s commercial activity dockets when entry fees are payable, even if paying by cash/cheque or credit card.

Operators can use credit cards for the payment of entry and other fees by including card details on the new cash payment commercial activity dockets. 

Keeping the Department updated on all documents

Please remember that you are required to notify and send copies of any renewals or other changes to important documents in relation to your licence to the Licensing Officer. This includes

  • Public Liability Insurance

  • Accreditation

  • Vessel registration

  • Online training certificate

  • Specific qualifications such as NOLRS for abseiling

Selling your business?

Explain to prospective purchasers that your licence is not transferable, and that the prospective purchaser would be required to make an application to the Department to seek a new licence to continue the licensed operations. For more information, please refer to your Commercial Operator Handbook.