One of the conditions of a commercial operations licence is that operators must attend any training workshops relating to the values and management of land managed by the department as requested by the Director General. 

This training benefits the operators as it ensures they understand the limits of their licence, are aware of current issues relating to their operations, and that operator's staff are appropriately qualified so that they also understand the limits and requirements of the licence.

It also aids the department in reducing the risk of the operator breaching their licence conditions, and aids in producing safe, high quality tourism products.

Licensees and applicants are required to complete the Commercial Operator Training Program as part of their online application. This particular training tool is aimed at ensuring licence holders have read and understood the licence conditions contained within the Commercial Operator Handbook. Other training programs will be developed and released in the future in order to achieve the above mentioned aims. Download the Commercial Operations Training Program Information below to assist in completion of the online application: 

Commercial Operations Training Program Information

Commercial event applications can complete the training questionnaire below.

Commercial Event Training Program Information

Commercial Event Training Questionnaire


For all T and E class licences, except two month licences, operators must be accredited through either the Quality Tourism Accreditation (QTA) administered by the Tourism Council of Western Australia, Ecotourism Australia's Eco Certification Program and National Accommodation Recreation & Tourism Accreditation through Christian Venues Association . - See more at:

Licence Period Accreditation level required
2 month No accreditation
1 year QTA, NARTA, Nature Level Eco Certification or equivalent
3 year QTA, QTA EcoStar, NARTA, Nature Level Eco Certification or equivalent
5 year QTA EcoStar, NARTA, Nature Level Eco Certification or equivalent
7 year QTA EcoStar, Eco Certification or equivalent
10 year QTA EcoStar, Advanced Eco Certification or equivalent

Public Liability Insurance

Commercial operations licencees must have public liability insurance covering the areas and operations (activities) included in the licence for the value of at least A$10 million per event throughout the period of the licence.

Evidence of the insurance policy must be provided at application and at every subsequent renewal or when otherwise directed by the Director General.

The acknowledgement of indemnity must be signed on application and a copy of your certificate of currency should be uploaded when applying for a licence. The indemnity specifies that the applicant must inform the nominated public liability insurer of the licence and its conditions. This ensures that the operator and the department is appropriately covered in the event of an accident.


New fees for commercial operations licences came into effect for new or renewal applications on 1 September 2017.

The current T class licence fees are as follows:

Licence Period

Licence Charge

2 months


1 year


3 years


5 years


7 years


10 years


There is a non-refundable fee of $117 for all licence applications. The total licence charge and application fee must be paid upfront on application.

Other fees may apply such as entry fees for fee paying parks (see the current Commercial operator fees and charges documents below). For more information please refer to the Commercial Operator Handbook.

Operators are able to pay entry fees online using the Commercial Operator Online Licensing System. Please read the terms and conditions of using the system.