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This website is not an inventory of all the lands and waters managed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife, nor is it the place to find all park management information. It is a resource to assist in preparing for visits to parks with attractions and facilities for visitors. We are continuing to develop the website, adding richer content for more parks, and we welcome your feedback (go to contact us selecting the enquiry type 'website feedback'

Call our information line on (08) 9219 9000 (Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm), or use the form on our Contact Us page and select ‘website feedback’

Why is this site different to the main DPaW site?

This site was built to help visitors to our National Parks find information on the Parks easier. It has information about the parks, sites, maps, brochures and many more items of interest.

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How can I make a suggestion about the website?

You can contact the Explore Parks webteam on the Contact Us Page and select ‘website feedback’ on the form.


What times are your parks open?

Our parks are generally open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, however in some urban areas gates are locked at sunset and reopened at sunrise. Please check the park page for the park you want to visit.

Can I take my dog with me to the park?

Dogs are not allowed in most parks in Western Australia for conservation reasons. There are some sites where dogs are permitted, please check the site that you want to visit.

Do I need a permit to take photos?

You only need a permit to take photos if they are for commercial reasons. Please use the Contact Us form and select “Commercial Operators and Events” in the drop down menu.

Can I camp anywhere?

You can only camp in designated camping sites.  For more information on camping in parks please visit our ParkStay website

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1. You can leave reviews of your favourite parks and sites with tips for other travellers
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5. We will respect your privacy and not share your details with others. 

Will my information be kept safe?

Absolutely. The website is hosted on a secure server on DPaW premises. We will not sell or share your information in any way.

How can I add/remove favourites?

You can add favourites by selecting the heart+ button on the top right corner of a park or site.

To remove a favourite, select the heart– button.

How can I subscribe/unsubscribe to newsletters?

When you are logged in, go to the account area and tick or untick the boxes for the newsletters.

Why is there a delay in my comment being approved?

The Explore Parks team moderate every comment to ensure that spammers do not have access to the site. Unfortunately this might lead to a slight delay in approving your comment.

Information about a park or site is wrong. What do I do?

You can contact the Explore Parks webteam on the Contact Us Page and select ‘website feedback’ on the form. Please let us know on what page you found the error, describing the error in as much detail as possible. If at all possible, also let us know what browser you were using and what version.