This website will help you plan a visit to our parks, but it can't tell you everything you need to know to prepare for every adventure. You will need to refer to other resources provided by us and others. Throughout the site, we will direct you to some of those other resources.

About the main menu

GO is where you can search our parks in a variety of ways.  Search for facilities such as campgrounds and picnic areas or for certain adventure activities. Find parks within a particular region or within a distance you select from a WA town of your choice. Discover more about what you can see and do in those parks and other details that may affect your visit.  If you know which park you want to visit, you can search for it by name here.

DO features general information on a range of adventure activities and indicates our choice of parks that offer the best of those activities. 

STAY similar to DO, is about camping and other accommodation in our parks. It highlights the currently small number of parks where camping must be booked in advance.

KNOW is where you will find general information that is relevant to visiting all parks in the state. Information on getting around, safety, conservation issues, fees and how to apply for permission to conduct an event in a park.

WHAT’S ON is a calendar of events in parks.  It includes recreational, informal education and volunteer events offered by us as well as events run by other organisations.

CONNECT has two aspects. CONNECT via our social media hub where you'll find our latest tweets and Facebook and blog posts. Create your own free account and contribute your own park reviews, photos and videos and save your favourite pages and searches. CONNECT with our volunteer programs.

SHOP is a link to the shop on our main website where you can purchase various publications and park passes.

Parks, destinations, regions and sites

Parks. We use the general term 'park' for a number of different types of state conservation reserve (see 'Managing parks')

Destinations. We have grouped parks in to what we have called 'destinations' - groups we consider you may want to visit on a single trip, that have similar environments and conditions and, with very few exceptions, the same point of contact for further enquiries. Some destinations consist of nearby parks, but in the huge expanse of the north-west and the outback they can be hundreds of km apart. A very small number of parks are so distant and unique that they cannot be grouped with any others.

Regions. This website is specifically about our parks.  Tourism Western Australia provides resources for visitors to any part of the state. To make it easier to find information relevant to visiting parks on those and other tourism industry resources we have further grouped parks and destinations into Tourism Western Australia's five regions.

Sites. Sites are points of interest visitors can access by vehicle or vessel. Other points of interest, and information on how they can be accessed, are associated with a site or sites. For example, a viewpoint that is only accessible on foot, and the walk trail to it, will be included with the site or sites from which the trail can be accessed by vehicle.

When preparing for a trip you will need to refer to all these levels of information.