Adventure sports like climbing, caving, abseiling, orienteering, rogaining, waterskiing and downhill mountain biking offer a thrilling opportunity to explore unique environments. Adventure sports however involve inherent risks. Careful research and planning, competent leadership, organisation, proper provisioning, skills and equipment are essential.  We strongly recommend that you head out under the guidance of a suitable group or club.

If you are new to an activity, first build your skills, knowledge and experience. Why not take part in a commercial tour to enjoy the activity with other people. We advise you take part in any adventure activity in a group of at least three people. If one person is injured, another person may need to stay with them while someone goes for help.

Take responsibility for your own safety and have an emergency response plan. Only participate in activities where all members of the party have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to participate safely. The leader should not only be able to get you there, they should also be able to get you out of the park in an event of an emergency.

Know your proposed route and stick to it. Have adequate food, water, safety and first aid gear, maps and navigation equipment and clothing for all contingencies. Tell a trusted and responsible person where you are going, what you are doing and when you expect to return. Discuss with them what they should do if you are overdue.

Do not enter caves or gorges if there is rain in the area. If it starts raining when you are in a gorge, leave immediately to avoid potential flash floods.

Avoid sunburn with hat, shirt and sunscreen, even on overcast days.

Permission may be needed for some activities, including

  1. Non-commercial Event Form for Private Schools and Non Govt Orgs (1.03MB)
  2. Non-commercial Government organisations application form (including state schools) (1.01MB)
  3. Remote recreational activities in Kimberley form (1.01MB)
  4. Lawful authority to access Nullarbor Caves (976.96kB)
  5. Booking for caving and abseiling in Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park

Check out the Australian Adventure Activity Standards (AAAS), which identify the minimum safe practice standards for the conduct of group outdoor adventure activities.