All applications for events, commercial and non-commercial, must undergo a more detailed assessment than other activities due to their unique impacts and management requirements. The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions has a duty of care to all visitors, including spectators, and must manage any potential environmental impacts from events in a sustainable manner.

EventsCorp's Resource for Events in Western Australia highlights a number of important aspects as well as contact details for various organisations in relation to organising events which may be of use to you when organising your event. Although this resource is specifically prepared by EventsCorp to assist event organisers, the information within is still highly useful for all event organisers whether or not they will be seeking EventsCorp funding for their event.

Some of the issues that the department may take into consideration when assessing an application to conduct an event are:

  • The appropriateness of the event to the reserves' values and purpose and if the proposed activities are in line with the area's management plan.
  • The risks and likelihood of spreading pathogens and weeds between reserves and management options to reduce the risk.
  • Waste collection and removal including litter and toilet waste
  • Impacts on threatened species and ecological communities and management options to reduce impacts.
  • Participant, spectator and support crew vehicle management and impacts
  • If department operations such as prescribed burning could significantly impact on or cause the cancellation of an approved event;
  • That an organised activity/event could endanger or otherwise significantly impact on or disadvantage other user groups (e.g. approved car rallies such as Rally Australia);
  • if the activity or event could result in a significant or unacceptable level of environmental damage if not properly managed/controlled (e.g. trial and enduro bike events, car rallies, etc);
  • if the marketing and promotional material is appropriate
  • If there are other alternative sites outside department-managed land

Assessment of event applications could also include consultation with specialists within the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, local community groups, traditional owners, other government departments and vesting bodies if appropriate. Please also note that if during the assessment process the department considers the event will potentially have a high or medium impact on the environment or other user groups, you may be required to have a pre- and post- event environmental audit conducted of the proposed areas for the event at your own expense.

It is for these reasons that the department requires detailed and specific information to be provided with an application, and a substantial lead time to assess and approve event applications before the events is advertised.

If after the assessment process the department considers your application acceptable, your application will proceed through the approvals process.