Commercial Operator Licensing System

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) has an online licensing system for commercial operators conducting business in Western Australia’s national parks and other conservation reserves.

This system allows commercial operators to apply for and renew a commercial operations licence, update organisation details, and pay park entry fees online. The system replaces the written application process and the payment function provides an alternative to docket book returns.

To access the online licensing system, please visit

All current commercial operations licences will remain valid until their expiry but on renewal, operators will need to apply through the online system. Operators are encouraged to login to the system to become familiar with it and use it to pay park entry fees more efficiently.

Organisation access

If an operators email address is attached to a current commercial operations licence existing prior to the introduction to the new system the operator will already be linked to the organisation when they first login. The system will set the operator up as an organisation administrator and allow operatorts to add other users/employees to your account.

To ensure security of the system, the first user for a new organisation/company is asked to upload proof that the user is an authentic representative of the organisation. The system will set the operator up as an organisation administrator, once your request has been approved by DBCA. 

Payment of park entry fees

Commercial operators will be able to pay park entry fees online prior to entering a fee-paying park. This will eventually replace the manual system of completing a docket on arrival at each park. Operators can begin paying entry fees online by logging in to the new system.

User manual 

A user manual for the system is available here: Commercial Operator Licensing System manual.

Frequently asked questions

When is the system being introduced?

12 December 2019

Is my current licence still valid?

Yes. When you wish to renew your licence, or to make any amendments to your current licence, please apply through the new system.

What do I have to do when the system is released on 11 December 2019?

Operators with a licence expiring in December 2019 will need to login to renew their licence.  Please don’t wait for your renewal though; you can set up an account, update your organisation details and start using the system to more efficiently pay park entry fees.

How do I login the first time?

You will need a valid email address to login. The system is accessed via a link sent to your email address and does not use a password.

I've forgot my password, how do I login?

There are no passwords required, simply enter the email address linked to your account and click on the link sent to that email address to open your account. This avoids the need for you to remember yet another password!

How do I update my details (contact, vehicles, insurance etc)?

All details can be updated by logging in to the system. Please view the user manual for how to update information.

How do I pay park entry fees online?

Entry fees can be paid by clicking on the Park entry fees tab once you’re logged in. Please see the user manual information for online payments.

What do I present at the park entrance when entry fees are paid online?

A booking confirmation will be emailed to you once entry fees have been paid. Please have an electronic or paper copy of this confirmation with you when you visit a park and present it if requested by park staff.

Do I need to complete a docket if park entry fees have been paid online?

No, a docket is not required if entry fees are paid online. 

Where do I request park entry cash or credit books?

The books can be requested through the system when submitting a new application or renewal, or by emailing However, we encourage you to use the online payment method as much as possible and we think you will find it more efficient.

Can I see a preview of my licence selections prior to submitting the application?

No. You will however, be able to review the information you have entered in your online application.

I have additional passengers on a tour that entry fees have already been paid for?

Park entry fees must be paid for additional passengers on a tour that are not covered by a booking confirmation. Payment must be made prior to entering a park with entry fees. Payment for additional passengers can be made:

  • by the tour guide or driver through the Commercial Operator Licensing System on a mobile device prior to entry to the park; or
  • remotely by an employee linked to the company through the Commercial Operator Licensing System; or
  • by the tour guide or driver at the gate by completing a docket from the commercial operator docket book.

I have less passengers on the tour and have overpaid the entry fees?

The terms and conditions for using the system can be found in the user manual.

If you have overpaid entry fees for a park visit you will need to email DBCA at with evidence to support your request for a refund. The Online Park Entry Terms and Conditions can be viewed here.

Help, I’m trying to use the system and I need advice!

We think you will find the user manual simple to follow and the system easy to use, but if you need help, just give DBCA a call on 9219 8411 and we’ll talk you through.