Fee waivers

Entry Fee waivers may be provided to certain groups undertaking organised outings in parks with entry fees managed by the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions (DBCA).

DBCA assesses fee waiver applications against guidelines to determine if a group is eligible to receive an entry fee waiver. Examples of groups that may be eligible for a fee waiver include:

  • school and educational groups
  • aged care groups with carers
  • disability support groups with carers
  • charity fundraising groups

Concession entry may be provided to certain groups that are not eligible to receive an entry fee waiver. Groups that may be applicable for a concession entry include Seniors Card holders or ex-service personnel visiting a park.

Please note, fee waivers are not applicable for individuals visiting a park. For information on park visitor fees and park passes please visit Fees

How to Apply

To apply for an entry fee waiver, please complete the online entry fee waiver request form.

Once your fee waiver request has been assessed by DBCA, you will be notified of the outcome by email.

Please ensure your entry fee waiver request is submitted at least two (2) weeks before your visit to allow adequate time for processing.

Waivers for commercial tours

In general, waivers are only granted to groups that are not part of a commercial tour. Those not qualifying for a waiver or concession will need to pay the full fee of $6.00 per bus passenger (children under 6 years of age are free).

A fee waiver may be considered where a commercial tour has been chartered by a school group on an educational trip during school hours. In these instances, only the school representatives may apply to the department for the waiver of park entry fees.

Recreational fishing licence holders

Holders of recreational fishing licences may enter parks at no charge if entering only for the purpose of the licence. This fee waiver does not apply if entering a park to undertake any other activity including camping, bushwalking or visiting attractions.