Northern Terminus

Located in the Perth hills, 24km east of the centre of Perth, the Bibbulmun Track Northern Terminus in Kalamunda is the start or end point for walkers. The town has the feel of an English village with a great range of cafes, restaurants and pubs. It is a great place to spend a night before starting your adventure or to rejuvenate on your return. The Track crosses Mundaring Weir where walkers will find the hotel and other accommodation options.

The Darling Range provides plenty of opportunities for day walkers and weekenders with plenty of access points. The first few camp sites are only about 10km apart. The Track passes through a mix of jarrah, marri and wandoo forests, the latter providing open woodlands giving walkers an immense sense of space. The views from Helena, Waalegh and Beraking Camp Sites are outstanding. Sit high up on Abyssinia Rock and watch the sunset or perhaps sit in silence atop Mount Vincent, Cuthbert or Cooke and just absorb it all! Some challenging sections can be found here including at the very start in Kalamunda.

Through walkers will need to plan ahead as there are no re-supply points until Dwellingup - some 12 days away. The North Bannister Roadhouse can be accessed from near the Gringer Creek Camp Site. There is no vehicle access between Mundaring Weir and Dale Road as the Track passes through a Disease Risk Area where vehicles are not permitted