Marine parks may include up to four types of zone:

Sanctuary zones

Sanctuary zones are ‘look but don't take' areas. Boating, swimming, snorkeling, diving, canoeing/kayaking, surf sports and wildlife viewing can all take place in sanctuary zones. Recreational and commercial fishing and collecting are not permitted.

Recreation zones

Recreation, including recreational fishing (subject to Department of Fisheries regulations) is permitted.  Commercial fishing, aquaculture and pearling are not permitted.

Special purpose zones

Special purpose zones have specific regulations appropriate to each individual zone. This could be for protection of a habitat, a seasonal event such as wildlife breeding or to allow for a particular type of activity. For example, a speed limit to reduce the risk of boats striking marine animals may be enforced or shore-based recreational fishing may be permitted.

General use zones

Sustainable commercial fishing, aquaculture, pearling and petroleum exploration and production are permissible provided they do not compromise conservation values. Additional restrictions apply in some marine parks.

Marine Nature Reserves

Marine nature reserves are marine park sanctuary zones, ‘look but don't take' areas where recreational and commercial fishing and collecting are not permitted.