2013 Award Recipients

L-A Shibish – Edith Cowan University Western Australia

 L-A Shibish with Yawuru rangers

Project Title: ‘Indigenous sustainable tourism in parks. What place in joint management?’

Project Aim: How can joint management arrangements with indigenous stakeholders facilitate greater opportunities for sustainable tourism development in parks and protected areas?

Project Description:

As the management of parks and protected areas evolves from informal to more formalised arrangements, such a joint management, little is known about how these changes may impact desired outcomes such as sustainable tourism development. There are unanswered questions such as whether joint management with Aboriginal groups facilitates greater sustainable tourism opportunities or if the responsibilities associated with joint management and other demands (social issues, unemployment, health, cultural heritage preservation, environmental issues etc.) confine tourism to a lower priority.

This research will contribute to the knowledge base on the relationships between parks joint management; indigenous and government stakeholders; and sustainable tourism development.

Progress Report:

October 2015 - Congratulations to Ms Shibish on the completion of her thesis.


  • Master's Thesis completed
  • Research poster at FACET Conference 2012
  • Interim report on ecotourism's evolution in WA
  • Presentation at the Australian Indigenous Tourism Conference 2013
  • Research poster at World Parks Congress 2014
  • Oral presentation at World Parks Congress 2014
  • Conference presentation at ITSA 2014