Abseiling fee

Per person for each half day

Per person at Wilyabrup Cliffs for each full day 
 $10  $10

Aircraft landing fee

A daily landing fee applies for occupants of aircraft landing in parks on declared aircraft landing areas.

All occupants, 6 years and older, other than pilot and crew


Horse riding permit

Per person per day

Annual permit
 $9  $60

Matilda Bay Reserve function site hire

Applications to hold functions on the reserve may be made by lodging of a fully completed application form.

  • Maximum function size is not to exceed 200 people per site without prior approval.
  • Additional fees may be charged for other structures and facilities required for functions on the reserve -for example portable toilets, DJ and dance floors.

No marquee and/or catering

With marquee and/or catering

-less than 100 people

With marquee and/or catering

-more than 100 people

 $150  $800



Per hour

Maximum per day