Searching for somewhere to book

Booking is only available for some of the most popular Parks and Wildlife campgrounds


  • Changing your dates or other filters

  • Zooming out the map

For many of the places where camping and other accommodation is provided by our partners, bookings can be made, but not on this website


  • Clearing any dates, filtering 'Partner accommodation', then clicking 'more info' for any place to go to the accommodation provider's own website

Check the latest information on availability at Parks and Wildlife campgrounds where bookings cannot be made

Camping in a group

Most campgrounds feature separated individual camp sites


  • Splitting groups who will stay in separate tents, campervans, camper trailers and/or caravans

If you are organising an educational or commercial activity you must apply for permission. Use the contact information for the campground where you want to stay

Places with more facilities

Parks and Wildlife campgrounds provide a 'back-to-nature' experience with very basic facilities. Most camping and accommodation provided by our partners has more facilities


  • Filtering 'Partner accommodation' then click 'more info' for any place to go to the operator's own website

  • Searching places to stay near to and between parks at Tourism Western Australia

Overnight hikes and bike rides

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