Dogs, with the exception of Department of Local Government and Communities Approved Assistance Dogs, are not permitted in most parks as consideration of the rights of other park users and to protect indigenous fauna.

By checking the 'Dogs Allowed' box on our Parkfinder you can search for parks with places where dogs, on a leash, may be taken. When a park is listed or appears on a map following such a search it does not mean that a dog may be taken anywhere in the park, it means that there is at least one place in that park where dogs are permitted. The details for each park will indicate where those places are.

Dogs may travel in boats in marine parks and marine management areas.

All other pets are prohibited in all of our parks because of the risk they pose to most native fauna.

Pet owners beware

As part of the Western Shield program to bring native animals back from the brink of extinction most parks are baited four or more times a year with 1080. 1080 is found naturally in WA. It does not harm native wildlife, but it is poisonous to introduced predators such as the European red fox and feral cat. As a result of baiting, two native mammal species (quenda and tammar wallaby) have been removed from the state’s threatened species list since the start of Western Shield and continuing to bait will allow us to reintroduce species such as boodies, bilbies and numbats to areas of their former range. 1080 will kill domestic cats and dogs, there is no antidote.

If in doubt about where you can take your dog in our parks, contact the local DPAW office.

More information can be found in the Pet Owners Beware Brochure.