Dr Amanda Smith

Social Science Coordinator and Parks and Visitor Service Science Coordinator


  • Leads and manages the daily operations of the Visitor Research Unit.
  • Develops and maintains cooperative research programs with tertiary institutions and other external research providers relevant to social research.
  • Approves external social research and provides student support for research relevant to lands and waters managed by the department. 
  • Undertakes research and coordinates internal research relevant to Parks and Visitor Service outputs.
  • Provides leadership and assistance to other Parks and Wildlife divisions in respect to social research.
  • Provides corporate direction for the Visitor Satisfaction (KPI) and Visitor Survey monitoring programs.
  • Provides corporate direction and coordinates the Visitor Information and Statistics (VISTAT) visitor use monitoring program. 
  • Provides corporate direction for the Recreation Infrastructure Asset Register (RecData) program.
  • Prepares department performance measures for the Parks and Visitor Service output relating to visitor satisfaction.

Research interests

Visitor use and satisfaction in protected areas; social science; protected area public perceptions, expectations, attitudes and behaviour; human use monitoring in marine environments; visitor management; sustainable tourism and natural area management; recreation ecology; the environmental and social impacts of tourism and recreation in protected areas; campsite impact monitoring; natural area tourism; wildlife tourism; and Indigenous tourism and impacts to culture/spirituality.


Michael Tuffin

VISTAT Coordinator, Research Scientist


  • Develops, implements and maintains the corporate quantitative database for the Visitor Information & Statistics (VISTAT) program for all national parks, forests, marine areas and other reserves that have recreational/tourist visitation across the state.
  • Collates, analyses and reports results on trends in visitor levels and writes reports on visitor information studies including the Visitor Satisfaction Program.
  • Assists, coordinates and conducts research for various other specific studies (both internal and external).
  • Promotes and encourages widespread use of appropriate technology to capture visitor numbers entering DPaW areas across Western Australia.
  • Responds to internal, external agencies, the Commonwealth and general public enquiries and provides advice on visitor information and statistics.

Research interests

Recreational usage of natural resources; remote activity survey methodologies; information system automation; innovative technology integration; temporal variation in recreational activities.



Brooke Shields

Research Scientist, Human Use Monitoring


  • Undertakes the planning, development and implementation of human use monitoring methodology and collection tools, with a focus on visitors, that can be applied to marine monitoring locations, particularly islands and other remote conditions but also applicable for statewide marine monitoring. 
  • Including establishment of long-term human use monitoring reference sites and developing collaborations with other agencies, industry, academic institutions and traditional owners. 
  • The major focus wil be project delivery of human use monitoring for the proposed Dampier Archipelago Marine Park and Cape Preston Marine Management Area as part of Pluto LNG Project Offset 'D'.