From the towering forests of the south-west to the ancient gorges of the Kimberley, Western Australia's national, marine and regional parks encompass a wide diversity of ecosystems and landscapes. This website provides information about these parks, what to see in them and what facilities are available for visitors.

More than 25 million hectares (or slightly more 10 per cent) of Western Australia is made up of national parks, conservation parks, regional parks, State forest, nature reserves and timber reserves. In addition, the State features about 1.5 million hectares of marine parks, reserves and management areas.

One particularly important resource for visitors is Tourism Western Australia. We have grouped our parks into Tourism WA's regions to make it easier to use their websites, brochures and apps together with the information included here.

Unless you're  on a long holiday, it will be difficult to visit all of the parks across the whole of one region on a single trip. To help you make the most of your holiday, we identified park 'destinations' - groups of adjacent or nearby parks - and provided a general introduction to each of them with some essential information common to all the parks in that destination. If you are lucky enough to be on an extended holiday, why not combine more than one destination into a longer itinerary?