MapDownload the digital coordinate data for the routes of the State’s three iconic long distance trails, Bibbulmun Track, Cape to Cape Track and Munda Biddi Trail.

Digital coordinates are used to describe waypoints, tracks and routes for software applications on computers and GPS receivers, including some mobile phones. Digital coordinates can be used to visualise a route for planning purposes and for navigation.

The digital routes are available below in two formats to make them accessible for a wide group of users.

The GPX, also known as GPS Exchange Format, is a common GPS format for storing and using coordinate data in a way that is easy to use, process and convert to other forms. GPX files can be used by GPS receivers and some mapping programs. Keyhole Markup Language (KML) was developed for use with internet-based Google Earth and Google Maps for expressing geographic visualization within two or three dimensional maps. Many mobile phones are fitted with a GPS receiver, which can utilise KML files via its apps.

Important Information and Disclaimer

This downloadable route data is for visual representation during trip planning and is not intended as a navigation tool. Remember to carry hard-copy maps and a compass with you at all times (and know how to use them). Do not rely on any electronic equipment – batteries might expire, the device might fail or break, and can be unreliable under trees.

This alignment data does not include diversions. Follow all on-ground diversion signage – these are in place for your safety. Downloadable GPX and KML files of the trail alignments can be accessed from the Western Australian Government Open Data website:

The route data will be updated as changes are made to the alignment. Check back regularly to ensure that you have the most current version. If you find errors please let us know by calling (08) 9219 8265 or emailing

Disclaimer: By downloading this GPX or KML file you agree its use, and reliance upon, is entirely at your own risk. These files are for non-commercial, personal use only. The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions' Parks and Wildlife Service endeavoured to ensure the accuracy and currency of the data, but accepts no responsibility in this regard, or the results of any actions taken, when using the digital route files.