There is no better way to discover the beauty and diversity of Western Australia than to visit its world-class parks. Visitor fees apply at many of these parks and the money raised contributes to park management, protection of the environment and the development and maintenance of visitor services and facilities. Enjoy your visit knowing that your fees have made a valuable contribution.

What fees might you need to pay?

  • Park entry fees apply at a number of the most popular parks in Western Australia. If you buy a park pass you will enjoy unlimited park entry for the duration of the pass with no need to pay entry fees.
  • Camping fees apply in most campgrounds and vary by location and the level of facilities provided
  • There are a number of tours, experiences and facilities in parks throughout the state called attractions which have separate fees. See Attraction fees.
  • Fees which are not for entry, camping or attractions are listed together as other fees.

Holders of certain Australian issued cards and recipients of payments or allowances can benefit from Concession rate fees and passes. Organised group outings might be eligible for fee reductions or waivers on application. 

These fees apply only for recreational visits to parks. Permission is required to conduct commercial activities in parks and fees may apply.